Hello Beast!

Are you ready to test the new features of the Tanglebeasts?

Of course you are!

Please make yourself familiar with the rules before you start!

  • Rules

    • 300 NFTs offered for the testnet.
    • Every member can mint max. 1 NFT.
    • Tell us your Soonaverse name and Shimmer-address in the cart notes.
  • Prizes

    • Over 100 prizes for the participants!
    View the prizes 
  • Guide

    • You dont know where to start?
    Read the Docs 

How to start

Choose your Artwork

Choose your favorite Artwork

Visit Collection

Purchase the Artwork

Add your favorite Artwork to the cart and finish the order

Mint the NFT

Go to your NFT history and mint the NFT

NFT history

Explore the store

If you own a NFT of the Testnet Collection you automatically have access to exclusive Beast Art content

Exclusive Content

Trade the NFT

You can sell the NFT or buy more NFTs at Snippool.

Visit snippool

Testnet Collection